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Made in France
puncture resistance
fast rolling
lateral grip
mud shedding

Sculpted knobs to assure grip and performance on all terrains.

Tubeless Ready construction for maximum compatibility.

A proven and tested design and compound over the other Performance models in the range.

The Tubeless Ready with the best quality/price rapport on the market!

Specialists: a profile inspired by the former Cougar.

The new discovery from the Hutchinson teams!

Profile destined for rolling Trails in mixed conditions.

Tubeless Ready Light construction with an optimised compound thickness between reinforcement and performance.

A profile inspired by the old Cougar for the most discerning! 



The Gila features associated knobs and grooves allowing increased ground surface contact. Resulting in better crampon flexibility. 
On wet terrains, its square profile facilitates ridability and its crampon design eliminates the inconvenience of evacuation.
For purists, the Gila is front-mounted in the opposite direction to maximise adhesion when breaking. Weighing less than 700g, it is intended for XC marathon/rolling trails on mixed terrains

‚ÄčThe Gila, as its name and profile indicates, is a call for easygoing long descents.

Inspired by a mountain biking hot spot across the Atlantic, the Gila is a credit to its roots. 

Less than 700 g, it is intended for XC marathon/rolling trails on mixed terrains.

Its flexible casing will blow you away in vigorous games and its lateral supports are perfect for keeping the right trajectory. 

Go off on an adventure - you have the idea companion!



Clovis LE GOFF  
Marketing Manager / Product Head - Hutchinson Tires 

"The Gila was eagerly awaited! It's 2.10 profile is ideal for technical and tiring XC. We favoured a marked angle which gives it a rolling direction and guarantees it excellent mobility. In addition to its relatively light weight and flexible casing, engagement at bends is clear and you can feel the side studs work. The Gila will be a happy discovery for many of you!”

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