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Made in France
puncture resistance

New HDF>5® compound. High performance tubeless tire for mixed to wet conditions. Has 220 TPI- Casing/Latex Inner tube for maximum performance. Dismountable valve.

The HUTCHINSON teams have developed a unique process over 2 years allowing the new HDF>5® range to obtain convincing results on the 5 key tire performance criteria:

Grip/ Performance/Life/ Puncture resistance/Comfort.

•   Creating the correct compound composition capable of addressing this defiance has been a permanent challenge.

•   The HDF > 5® compound has been developed with the aim of offering unique performances on all terrains. 

•   This is why we wanted to follow this initiative to the end by proposing multiple Fusion 5 versions: 4 compound types, 3 sections and from now on4 designs: Tube type/Tubeless Ready/Tubeless/Tubular.

The convincing results of the new HDF>5® compound encouraged us to follow the concept of performance to the end: associating it with a polycotton Casing to make a very high-quality tubeless tyre. Because for every competitor a race can be lost with a fall or due to a puncture, we have focused on this development to make this Fusion 5 tubeless tyre the ultimate weapon on mixed and wet roads for our Professional Teams. High standard requirements don’t just invent themselves they are the fruit of research and development.

Julien DUVAL

Baroudeur / rouleur - Army Cycling Team

«I’ve used Fusion 5 tubeless tires since the first tests of HDF>5 compound. When conditions are changeable or wet, the mechanics know that I want to ride with Fusion 5.

The work that has been done regarding compound/casing adhesion is impressive. It’s my favorite tubeless tire.”


Winner of the Hambourg WTS 2018. Winner of several Super League Triathlon races

" During Olympic Triathlon , race can be lost at any time and I need perfect components to be easy on my bike. Thanks to the Fusion 5 tubular , I know I get the optimal grip and I don’t fear punctures anymore "

See all FUSION 5 TUBULAR references below

Dimensions ETRTO Use Concept Reinforcement Compound TT/TL TPI Beads Colours Weight (+/- 7%) Reference
700x25 25-622 COMPETITION Tubular Innertube Latex HDF5 Tubular 290 Black 255g BV53789