Road Tubeless

Road Tubeless

Road Tubeless tires are the height of current clincher technology. Bead to bead puncture protection and a butyl sealing liner, specific carbon beads define this techology. Road Tubeless technolgy was developed as the next generation of bicycle tire. Its advantage are excellent rolling resistance, fewer punctures (no pinch flats) and safer tire. In the instance of puncture, the tire stays on the rim. The Galactik the lightest version for the Road Tubeless family. This is a sub-250g. tire that defines a Road Tubeless racing tire.


Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Ready technology requires sealant to seal the casing. The sealant does double-duty by also providing puncture protection. Tubeless Ready technology was created to provide the highest levels of performance and weight reduction for a MTB tire. Latex sealant is used to create an airtight casing as opposed to a butyl liner on the inside of the tire as with a normal Tubeless tire. Hutchinson recommends the use of Protect’Air Max to seal the tire. The final result is a Tubeless setup that is the lightest and most performing on the market today.



Hardskin fabric placed bead to bead and under the tread on the tire.

Reinforces the casing to minimise cuts and holes in the casing that might puncture the tube. Hardskin (HSK) technology adds an additional layer of puncture resistant fabric to the casing of the tire.

Kevlar Pro Tech

Kevlar Pro Tech

100% Kevlar (Aramid) puncture reinforcement under the tread.

Road tire reinforced under the tread by a nylon tissue (to be used with an inner tube). Kevlar Pro Tech technology reinforces the casing with a flexible, very dense 100% kevlar (aramid) textile grid. Placed under the tread, this reinforcement increases by over 50% the tire’s resistance to holes and punctures.





This project has been identied for 3 years as a strategic axis of development for Hutchinson.

We have developed countless versions and tests to achieve this new compound ElevenSTORM® Beyond our own results, we have sought to obtain corresponding results on all recognized independent laboratories.



The only point of contact and adhesion with the road, the tire is an essential
element for the bicycle, vector of performance and guarantor of your safety.
To choose correctly is paramount, this is why Hutchinson has developed
over the years and in contact with the biggest champions, a range of quality
“road” products adapted to all practices whatever the weather conditions.
Whether you are a competitor, a sporting cyclist or an occasional cyclist, you
will find the ideal Hutchinson tire to accompany you on your outings.