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Made in France
puncture resistance


The tire for pure racers finding speed and performance.

HDF>5.1® compound concept for top performance (+18% compared to the Fusion 3).

From 180 g, it offers exceptional road holding.


The HUTCHINSON teams have developed a unique process over 2 years allowing the new HDF>5® range to obtain convincing results on the 5 key tire performance criteria:
Grip/ Performance/Life/ Puncture resistance/Comfort.

  • Creating the correct compound composition capable of addressing this defiance has been a permanent challenge.
  • The HDF > 5® compound has been developed with the aim of offering unique performances on all terrains. 
  • This is why we wanted to follow this initiative to the end by proposing multiple Fusion 5 versions: 4 compound types, 3 sections and from now on4 designs: Tube type/Tubeless Ready/Tubeless/Tubular.


It's the most accomplished pure performance composition.
A thin thickness of compound (0.8 mm) associated with a light reinforcement
confers efficiency and outstanding grip.
Developed with the aim of offering a perfect compromise between compound thickness (1.2 mm) and Kevlar® reinforcement.
The HDF > 5.2® compound benefits from all advantages of 5.1, and proposes a better puncture resistance.
Intended first for longevity and the catcher in all conditions, this thicker
compound (1.6 mm) associated with Kevlar® reinforcement guarantees grip and excellent long life abilities.

The Fusion 5 Galactik is the ultimate result of the work conducted around the HDF>5® compound of the Fusion 5 range.

Compound thickness, casing/compound bonding procedure, Lightskin® polyamide reinforcement, it’s 180 g dedicated to speed, performance and the competitive instinct.


The efficiency of its compound and its capacity to restore energy ensures unparalleled road holding. 



Champion of France Amateur ITT 2015 - Army Cycling Team

«We have used Fusion 5 since the start of the HDF>5 project; being neighbours of the HUTCHINSON team, we were asked to give our feedback throughout the season.Even though we use tubeless tires a lot in racing, these new Fusion 5 tires are very effective, and I can feel how flexible the casing is, which brings a great deal of sensation and grip.”



See all FUSION 5 GALACTIK references below

Dimensions ETRTO Use Concept Reinforcement Compound TT/TL TPI Beads Colours Weight (+/- 7%) Reference
700x25 25-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Tubetype Reinforced HDF 5.1 TT 127 FB Black 190g PV525961
700x23 23-622 COMPETITION Tubetype Reinforced HDF 5.1 TT 127 FB Black 180g PV525981
700x23 23-622 COMPETITION // FONDO // Road Road Tubeless Reinforced HDF 5.1 TL 127 FB Black 260g PV525971
700x25 25-622 COMPETITION // FONDO // Road Road Tubeless Reinforced HDF 5.1 TL 127 FB Black 250g PV525951


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