The Hutchinson brand remains loyal to its founder, Hiram Hutchinson. It reaffirms his commitment to responsible growth, founded on exemplary values forming a vital bridge between generations.

These values – heritage, people, enthusiasm, involvement and a taste for a challenge – have woven together to form the ethics that are the group’s driving force and pride.

Hutchinson, a sustainably committed business

Hutchinson takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, which can be seen in a number of tangible initiatives, such as: - its support for the IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association), whose vocation is to protect the natural sites favoured by mountain bikers. - the development of “greener”, more environmentally-friendly products.

Gyraprene ® : 100% recyclable material

Hutchinson is innovating in the field of recycling, with its new generation of elastomer thermo-plastics. In an environment where lighter, more recyclable materials are constantly sought, Hutchinson has developed a new 100%-recyclable elastomer thermo-plastic. It has wide scope for potential use. Users in the transport sector (air, land and sea) and in the building industry will appreciate this new, lighter material which can be closely adapted to every environment.

Recyclable packaging

Hutchinson’s tire department now uses packaging made from 100%-recyclable materials for its tire and inner tube ranges.

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