Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Ready technology requires sealant to seal the casing. The sealant does double-duty by also providing puncture protection. Tubeless Ready technology was created to provide the highest levels of performance and weight reduction for a MTB tire. Latex sealant is used to create an airtight casing as opposed to a butyl liner on the inside of the tire as with a normal Tubeless tire. Hutchinson recommends the use of Protect’Air Max to seal the tire. The final result is a Tubeless setup that is the lightest and most performing on the market today.


Road Tubeless Ready




Cyclocross is a practice we all know and have been doing for years.
Gravel is a new trend that has emerged with the objective of escape,
discovery and versatility.
We have therefore worked on a compatible coherent range, based on the
same product technicality and concepts.
The only thing left is making the choice!